5 Traits of Every Successful Exotic Entertainer

5 Traits of Every Successful Exotic Entertainer

Sep 03, 2022
If you asked me the 5 traits every exotic entertainer needs to have to be super successful, I would list them as follows:

1. A Positive Mindset
This is so important, because all exotic entertainers have experienced days where they don’t do as well, and while you’re practicing to get better it’s important to forage a PMA (positive mental attitude). Your PMA can help you on days that you don’t do so well. 

2. Resilience
Exotic entertainment is not an easy task. It’s not an easy feat. Your resilience is so important in building your career in this industry. We deal with a lot of stuff. And the environment is far from cuddly, warm and inviting. So if you can challenge yourself to shift your mindset to being solution oriented, instead of getting stuck in the problem in front of you, you will build resilience and be able to handle so much more, without it draining your energy. 

3. Rejection handling
This is crucially important because many exotic entertainers will experience inevitable rejection from a customer at some point. Many experience it every night that they go in, and they think something is wrong with themselves. When in actuality, it really has nothing to do with how you look, some customers are just mean and drunk. Being able to handle the rejections that come with this career is very important in order to be truly satisfied, and achieve your means to your end. 

4. Adaptability
Being able to be adaptable is very important in the context that the environment in which we work can be very difficult to manage. There can be so many changes, and they can happen very quickly. If you’re able to think quickly on your feet, and roll with the punches, you will be set up for success in any situation that comes your way. 

5. Commitment
And lastly, commitment is the secret ingredient that makes this entire recipe work. Exotic entertainment requires commitment, focus, and discipline. You must be disciplined enough to go into work when you don’t feel like it. You have to be committed to showing up consistently, and doing your best every night. This is so important to being able to make your 5-10 year plan work for you. 

If you can challenge yourself to consistently grow in these 5 areas, you will flourish majorly, and start to see massive improvements in your night to night profits.