Being Pretty Isn’t Enough

Being Pretty Isn’t Enough

Jun 19, 2022
Many women think that all it takes to be successful at exotic entertainment is to be pretty and well liked. While these certainly help as enhancers, they are not what it takes to succeed in this industry. Those who rely on their looks will find themselves in the same ordinary stance as most exotic entertainers, and making inconsistent cash flow, and way less money than they could be making. I don’t know about you, but I want to make the maximum amount of cash flow that I can per night. Don’t you?

The real secret to winning at exotic entertainment is having a winning system and a killer sales strategy. Once you learn the system that gets you your dream clients who just can’t seem to stop buying VIP dances from you, you are going to be able to come into work knowing you’re going to make a ton of money. It will no longer be a guessing game. You’ll have the confidence to know that you can generate the amount of money you want to make. There will be no questions about it. 

You will know and have that solid confidence. You will have men buying VIPs from you, and have them practically eating out of the palm of your hand. This is because we teach something in our sales system that no one else has. We have a system called The Dopamine Drip. Many know dopamine to be the chemical in our brains that is reward focused. It’s the part of our brain that says, “Hey, if I do X, Y, and Z, I will get A, B, and C. That makes me feel really motivated!” 

We want that reward center in our client’s brain to be activated when talking to us. We can create even more dopamine than just being pretty and nice to be around. Our actual sales system shows you how to create more dopamine just from simple conversation. How’s that for a system?!  A system that actually shows you how to make men desire you just from conversation alone, and gets them to buy from you rather than the other exotic entertainers. It’s a must have. 

So, the next time you find yourself thinking that all it takes is to be pretty, you are dead wrong. Being pretty can open doors, but being pretty doesn’t keep those doors open. You have to have a killer sales strategy that keeps those doors wide open for you to receive the big bucks. Thanks for reading!