Don’t Be Afraid to Switch Clubs and Move Around!

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch Clubs and Move Around!

Aug 16, 2022
I think one of the biggest disadvantages an exotic entertainer can experience from time to time is sticking herself in one club and not exploring other clubs and their options. Some clubs have disadvantages that can affect how much you make. 

For instance, one club can be struggling with getting people in the door, while another club could be making way more money and have way more people coming in. The exotic entertainer must always be aware of how well the club is doing, and if she needs to make a move somewhere else, she needs to not be afraid to do so.

Always evaluate if your club has enough people coming in, and if it’s been slow way too long, it may be time to scout out another club that’s getting more business. In the Mental Click System, we actually teach you how you can use social media so that you never have a slow night again. But, what I’m talking about is if you’re having way too many slow nights because every night is becoming a slow night due to lack of people coming in. That’s an issue that you need to try to fix right away by going to another club. The social media scripts we give you will actually help you to never have a slow night ever again. 

Never get stuck exotic entertaining in one club only. You don’t want to be stuck there, dealing with all of their problems. Move around, and scout out other clubs that might have more exciting promotions happening, or more exciting events happening that get people to want to come in. Always evaluate the pros and cons of each club. 

You can always make more money at another club, don’t get stuck in one club because you’ve become comfortable with that club and how things work. Branch out and get uncomfortable, and try other clubs. You might find that another club works better for you, and you actually enjoy working there more than the one you’re currently in. 

Of course, not all clubs are created equal and you may not like every club you go to. But, at the end of the day, it’s always great when you can expect a good night by moving around to different clubs and getting in where the action is happening.