Don’t Let Your Fears Steal the Show

Don’t Let Your Fears Steal the Show

Jul 01, 2022
It’s important to remember that we are in charge of the way we feel. And, while it may not always be possible to push our fears to the side, there are ways we can manage them. 

The way to do this is to change our mindset towards fear, our relationship with fear, and finally the way we view fear. There are many fears an exotic entertainer can have, ranging from a bunch of different topics. Such as:

  • “What if this guy I’m about to walk up to doesn’t like me? What if he rejects me, or says I’m ugly or fat?”
  • “What if I break my ankle in these heels?”
  • “What if I fall down in front of a group of guys? That’s going to be so embarrassing.”
  • “What if I don’t make any money tonight?”
  • “What if I don’t make any money for a week straight?”
  • “What if I leave here tonight only having done a few lapdances and mostly rejection?”
  • “What if I don’t make money in the next 30 days?”
  • “What if I can’t make enough money to cover my bills and live comfortably?”
  • “What if I don’t have a way out of this industry to retire?”

Let’s address the first step.

Changing our mindset towards fear:
To change our mindset towards fear, we must first think outside the box of what we “think” fear is. Fear can look different to everyone, but the bottom line is that fear is nothing but a limiting belief that says, “What if I can’t do it?” Instead, you might find it better to challenge it back with, “What if I can do it?”

This is a more empowering mindset for you to have, that will spark intention and action. Fear is nothing but an indicator that you’re doing something that is beyond your typical comfort zone. Fear is a positive sign that you are growing, not shrinking. Keep that in mind.

Changing our relationship to fear:

You have a relationship with all of your emotions. You have a relationship with your happiness, your sadness, grief/loss, despair, anger, jealousy, overwhelm and anything else you feel. You also have a relationship with fear. Once we address the mindset, then we address our relationship to fear which will start changing because of your new mindset towards it. 

Instead of behaving the way that fear normally makes you feel, at this point you will start behaving in a new way. In this stage, even though you feel the fear, you do what scares you anyway, and the IMPACT fear used to have on you begins to diminish. 

Changing the way you view fear:
Finally, we go into our final step which is the way you view fear. This is the step where you have completely changed your mindset towards fear, your relationship to it, and now you have a whole new relationship with fear. You no longer react to the old way you did, and now you’re conquering your fears. 

Moving beyond fear is so much easier than people think it is, you just have to know how to navigate it, and be willing to stretch outside your comfort zone. 

This is what you must do as an exotic entertainer if you would like to make more money than you’re currently making now.
Thanks for reading!