Exposing Myths

Exposing Myths

Sep 13, 2022
One of the biggest problems we see our clients face at Entertainment Done Right Inc. is a lack of confidence in oneself. We know how scary it is to be shaking in your heels, and unable to confidently and boldly go up to a guy and just start talking to him. It can be so intimidating, especially when people aren’t the nicest to you. 

It can be especially intimidating when other entertainers are doing better than you, and you just feel like a fish out of water. In this spot, left feels right and right feels left. Up feels down and down feels up. Your head is swimming, you have a headache coming on, dehydration kicks in, and before you know it, you’re messing up every single interaction! Walking nervously around from guy to guy and getting rejected. And you have no idea why. All you know is that you’re scared and for some reason, this “fast cash” isn’t as easy as you thought it would be when you first got started. 

Let’s first address that fast cash doesn’t equate to easy cash. I think this is a common belief that entertainers have when they first enter the business, and then they learn through experience that this is a lot harder than it appeared to be and this is not at all what we were told it would be like. Then we hit what we call “the wall” where everything is now confusing and we don’t understand why we decided to become entertainers, or why in the world we thought it would be so easy to be one. We learn that we were extremely wrong and now everything feels like we are a failure. This is not true. It’s truly honestly your big learning experience that being an entertainer requires more work than just looking beautiful and being physically attractive. Which is very confusing at first to understand. 

Which leads me to my next point: entertainers thinking that their looks are what allows them to make big profits. This is another common problem we see in entertainers, where unfortunately the thought that being beautiful is enough to make big profits is running rampant. We have found that there are many other factors that contribute to an entertainer’s success that have nothing to do with looks. In fact, we’ve seen less conventionally attractive entertainers make more money than some of the more conventionally attractive entertainers. 

It has nothing to do with looks, and there is a better way. The Mental Click System can show you exactly what it takes to make the profits you need and will allow you to pour your attention, energy and focus into the things that actually make you money as an exotic entertainer. Go here to watch the free training: www.edrwebinar.com