Let’s Talk About Solid Support Systems…

Let’s Talk About Solid Support Systems…

Sep 25, 2022
You know what they say… Go where you’re celebrated and appreciated!

Having the right support system in place can be very crucial to your success as an exotic entertainer. Also, being an exotic entertainer myself, I know how hard it can be to find that support system. Many of us might look to our friends and our family to support us. Some of us fear the shame they will throw at us, and end up isolating ourselves instead. This is no way to be. 

I don’t want you isolating yourself. But, I also don’t want you having to constantly hear from your family and friends all of their concerns about you entering this industry. A lot of times, our family and friends don’t understand why we are doing this. But for some of us, being an exotic entertainer is a passion for us. And that’s okay that they don’t or can’t understand that. I always say, “it’s not for others to understand.”

I felt very called to exotic entertainment as a young adult, and wanted to make this my career. And unfortunately, a lot of people didn’t understand my choice nor my enthusiasm about it. Everyone around me started quickly running down their list about all of the things I could do instead of this. Such as going to college, becoming a doctor or a lawyer, or getting a job as a real estate professional. But, none of these sounded appealing to me. I have always loved conversing with people, and I always loved dressing up. I also just love feeling like I’m in my feminine flow and feeling sexy and sensual. And, I don’t feel as if there’s anything wrong with that!

I felt that in a regular career, I could not continue to feel sexy or sensual and this was a big thing for me. I wanted something that matched my inner creativity and my own sensuality. I didn’t want to work a regular career like everyone else that I knew. I wanted something that matched me and felt like an outlet to me rather than “work.” They always say if you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. This has been incredibly true for me. And I hope it will be true for you too. 

The bottom line is that it can take a while to build your own support system outside of your circle of family and friends. But, don’t give up hope. The right people will come to your aid, and for now just know that you have the entire Entertainment Done Right staff supporting you too!