Limiting Your Limits

Limiting Your Limits

Jun 24, 2022
Limiting beliefs are so ramped in most industries. Exotic entertainment is no exception to this. You can have limiting beliefs about many things. But first, what is a limiting belief? 

A limiting belief is a belief that you hold about your personal identity and what your identity is able to handle and do. What this means is that if you view yourself as very strong and resilient, BUT you think you’re not creative… you’ll most likely find yourself being “very strong and resilient” about adversity but not creative enough to find a way out of that adversity to create a new outcome for yourself. Those who believe they are creative enough to create a new outcome for themselves that’s more beneficial- will. And, those who don’t- won’t. 

So, in exotic entertainment it’s very easy to look at your mistakes and assign that to your identity of who you think you are. If you’ve been struggling to get guys in the VIP rooms, but you’re excellent at getting guys to say yes to a lapdance, you will assign this information to your identity. And your identity will play this out over and over again, reaffirming to you that this is who you are. 

If you believe you’re stuck only giving lap dances, meanwhile, getting VIPs is not something you can do, this becomes your identity. And often, we do not challenge our own identity. Even though we should, because at the end of the day, your identity is changeable. You can think a new thought, a new belief, get a new system, change your behaviors, change your focus, your course of direction, etc. You can do many things to change a limiting belief. 

But, if you say your identity is “fixed” and cannot be changed, you’re going to have a much harder time fighting limiting beliefs and changing your outcomes. So, a big secret nobody tells you about when making more money is that a big part of your battle is being able to change your identity, and change the stories you tell yourself of why you cannot succeed at something. That will determine your success the most. 

If you can develop the mindset that you want to be coachable, determined, open minded and positive, then you can have anything you want. 

Thanks for reading!