Motivation is Garbage

Motivation is Garbage

Jul 05, 2022
Sometimes, we have such a habit of telling ourselves, “I’ll do it when I feel like it.” Or, “I’ll do it when it’s the right time.” There isn’t a right time, and there isn’t a time when you’re really going to feel like it. The best time to take action to achieve your goals is RIGHT NOW.

And, really, that’s with anything in life. Whether you’re an exotic entertainer, or you’re thinking about making a big, bold, life altering event in your life… it’s never going to be the right time and you are never going to feel like it. 

When we discovered the Mental Click System, sometimes we didn’t feel like going into the gentlemen’s club. But, we had a goal and we wanted to make serious cash, and so we put how we felt to the side and went anyway. 

And, we are so glad we did because we made fat stacks, and we couldn’t be happier. If we had listened to our “motivation signals” we wouldn’t have made the type of money we are making. 

Exotic entertainers must be consistent, and will be able to retire in 5-10 years from that consistency combined with the system we give you- The Mental Click System. 

If you always listen to your motivation signals, you will make inconsistent money and definitely way less than what you could be making. So, start putting your motivation to the side, and get focused on producing results rather than excuses.

Your bank account will thank you, as will your stress levels.