My Rules

My Rules

Sep 25, 2022
As an exotic entertainer, you have to have rules or standards that you set for yourself. It’s part of being a powerful entertainer. If I could share the top eight rules I have for myself with you, they would be: 

1. Never fall in love with a client. 
This should be self explanatory but unfortunately, it isn’t always. To stick to your goals as an entertainer, you don’t want to be easily manipulated by a client who might not have your best interest in mind. You’re meeting “the club version” of this client. You don’t know this client’s entire life, and you don’t know what secrets he harbors that he isn’t telling you. Don’t fall in love with a client! Keep everything you do clean and do not get romantically/emotionally attached to a client. It almost always never ends well. 

2. Never walk away from a potential customer without trying all of the tricks in your bag to turn them into a paying customer. 
This is so important. Sometimes, we can get intimidated because some customers are kind of like talking to a brick wall. Sometimes, it can be very hard to break through that brick wall, and seems impossible. And sometimes, it’s true that they are just not interested in a dance. Other times, they are interested in a dance, and you just couldn’t tell because they are stoic characters. Never assume they don’t want a dance! They might shock you!

3. Always do my mantra before I begin my night. 
For me, it’s always important for me to have my mindset in a good place before I begin my night. Doing my power mantra before I begin work helps me to stay focused, and even gives me a little boost of energy. 

4. Never forget to put on my setting powder!
I sweat so much throughout the night, and sometimes the club can be kind of stuffy. My setting powder allows me to take less trips to the locker room to fix my makeup and spend more time on the floor making connections. 

5. Never operate outside of The Mental Click System
The Mental Click System is what allows you to stay focused, on track, and as long as you follow the system you will make big profits. 

6. Never take advice from another exotic entertainer who isn’t doing as well as you.
Many exotic entertainers who are having bad nights may try to tell you how you should be entertaining. They have lots of time to talk to you because they aren’t talking to customers. Remember that. 

7. Avoid drama and do not participate. 
Be nice and pleasant to be around, but don’t get involved in the drama at the clubs. Stay focused on what you need to do, which is making money and working towards your dreams. 

8. Try to retain each customer using the Social Media System.
We use our social media system to get clients and KEEP them. It’s a way for us to stay in contact with our customers, but also for us to stay in their minds. As long as we can stay in their minds, we are going to always have repeat customers. 

If you adopt these rules, you are going to have way better nights at the club. These rules helped me so much, and I know they will help you too. Good luck!