The #1 Dangerous Pitfall Any Exotic Entertainer Can Fall Into… and How to Avoid it

The #1 Dangerous Pitfall Any Exotic Entertainer Can Fall Into… and How to Avoid it

Jun 19, 2022
With any career, there can be pitfalls that either make or break your success in that career. Those working in an office can turn in their work too late, or fill out their work incorrectly. This can make or break their career if they do this too consistently. Those who work in construction can lose their job for not paying close enough attention to the details of their work. Those who work customer service can lose their job if they have enough complaints from multiple customers, or at the very least lose their room for growth within the company. Every industry has specific pitfalls that you can fall into that specifically affect the quality and efficacy of your work. Well, so does exoitc entertainment. 

I would be comfortable with saying at least 99% of all exotic entertainers are thinking about this career the wrong way. The first wrong thought they have about it? That this is not a career. They feel this is not a career, so they approach it from the mindset that it’s “fast cash” and a way to make a lot of money very quickly. Which, this part is true. 

But, what they don’t take into account is the fact that it can be very lucrative if they would just set themselves up for success long term, and quit blowing all of their money on things that won’t get them anywhere with their finances. This creates what I call “the loop.” The loop is the situation most exotic entertainers find themselves in. They entertain for years, even decades, and live (metaphorically) “paycheck to paycheck.” They live night to night. So, by the time that they want to retire from the industry, they have no money to their name. 

This reality makes me very sad. I see them drinking, partying and getting hooked on drugs all the time. I was always very careful to not get sucked into that, because I knew it would only be a downward spiral from there. This is the massive pitfall that most exotic entertainers find themselves in. So, how can you avoid it? 

You have to create standards for yourself when working. You say to yourself, “Okay, I work at this club to make money to secure my future. I do not engage in doing drugs, or drinking alcohol as I know these things can only hurt me and pull my attention and focus away from what I came here to do, which is to make money. I will not engage in those behaviors because that’s not what I’m here for.” Making this declaration before you go into work and really truly meaning it will set you up for success. Every successful person has a mantra that they say to themselves. You can have one too, and it will only help you to stay focused on what you need to do. Thanks for reading!