The Income Game

The Income Game

Aug 16, 2022
I never wanted to be super wealthy. In fact, most people who know me know that I never really cared about making millions of dollars. I just wanted to be financially free and never have to worry about money. 

I’m really genuine and down to earth. I am always there for people, and I cared more about servicing my clients correctly and having a genuine friendship with them, rather than caring about the money. I got into exotic entertainment because I enjoy talking to different people throughout the night, and I also enjoyed that it paid me very well. Once I got into the Mental Click System, everything really took off for me. 

The Mental Click System gave me the advantage I needed to actually make even more money than I had ever seen before. I really cared about this because while I’m not super into money, money is still important and a high priority on my list. I have been able to enjoy making more money than I ever dreamed possible using the Mental Click System. 

Before doing the Mental Click System, I actually did well as an exotic entertainer. But, after learning the system, I am doing a million times better. And I feel like a different person. I have a different sway to me. I have more glitter in my eyes, and I have more pep in my step. I have become really good at drawing people into me, and I have become magnetizing. I have a confidence after doing this program that lures people to me. I am able to get clients on repeat. I know every night that I go in that I am going to make some serious cash. 

I enjoyed talking to people already, but the Mental Click System made my rejection rate go way down. I no longer have to worry about clients rejecting me, and if they do, I move on without feeling hurt. I am actually able to talk to more people without fear of rejection, and I am happier for it. I couldn’t imagine having never done this program, because I would have been in the spot I was in before. Making money and doing well, but not well enough to truly thrive and get ahead in my finances. So, I am eternally grateful for this program, it really changed my life. And it can change yours too.