The One Thing I’d Never Do, and Why…

The One Thing I’d Never Do, and Why…

Sep 13, 2022
The one thing I would never do as an exotic entertainer is treat a customer like they were God, or put them on a pedestal. Even if I was struggling to make money at this profession. I’m not saying not to treat them like they are special, and not to make them feel cared about, because those things are very important. What I am talking about is chasing. Do not chase them. 

Let them work for you. If they really want you, they will want to spend the money to have you. This is where the Dopamine Drip System comes into play. Utilizing the Dopamine Drip System helps you to be the one that they desire. The way we show you how to make him crave you, is going to blow your mind and you’re going to be so shocked at our #1 secret to making this happen. 

You have to make 5 mental clicks before you can get this to happen for you. And once you do make it happen for you, you will be able to make guys crave you every night like clockwork. You won’t wonder if you’re going to have slow nights anymore, because even on slow nights, this system continues to work for you. 

If you chase them, it takes away the fantasy aspect of you. Men do prefer to pursue and chase, and you should let them do that because this is all part of his fantasy. He wants the things he can’t have. And if you take that aspect of the chase away, you will lose money every single time. You have to be his desire and it has to be felt that he has to win you over, because you’ve got other places to be that don’t include him. 
When he feels like it’s difficult to obtain you, that’s when you know you have him. He will do anything to have you entertain him, he’d do anything to have you sit next to him and just talk to him. This puts you in a very powerful position. 

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