Transformation to the Highest Degree

Transformation to the Highest Degree

Jul 19, 2022
When I first became an exotic entertainer, it was a culture shock. I came from a background where everybody worked hard just to make ends meet. Most people in my life were working second and third jobs. They worked around the clock, exchanging time for money. I also did this, and I often worked second jobs to just stay afloat and pay my bills. It was exhausting and it would keep me up at night how I just felt like a slave because I was working all the time. 

Then I entered the world of exotic entertainment and I was so shocked at how you could make $1,000 on a good night. But, it was also equally as terrifying that on a bad night I could walk out having not made anything. The unpredictability was what scared me the most, but I promised myself that I would do this and figure out how to make money as an exotic entertainer consistently and reliably. I have a child to support, so I knew I needed to figure this out. It was sink or swim. 

For the first few months that I was in exotic entertainment, I was struggling to make any money at all. I had inconsistent nights and I was feeling really upset. I couldn’t figure out how to get consistency and reliability in my money making. 

Feeling defeated, I started looking for extra help. I met with my friend, Christine, and started telling her all of my problems at work. Christine introduced me to the Mental Click System and the rest was history. I took the program, and I started making crazy unbelievable money that I just could not believe was possible for me. I thought so many things during this transformation, but the main thought I had was just shock. How was it that this system taught me how to make between $1,000-$3,000 per night? I was so shocked. 

So, if you’ve ever felt defeated as an exotic entertainer, I want you to know there is hope out there. But, you have to stretch beyond what you think you know, and you have to search outside of the club for the right system to teach you.

Thanks for reading! -Jewels