What You’ve Been Taught About Money is Wrong…

What You’ve Been Taught About Money is Wrong…

Aug 09, 2022
One of the most common situations we tend to run into as exotic entertainers is when other women who have not begun this career yet question how we make so much money doing what we do. We do make a high income, around $40,000k-$50,000k a month consistently, but high earning incomes are not the only factor that will make you wealthy.

Most people think at $40,000k-$50,000k a month that you are just “living large” or “living the dream.” And, I would say this is true to a large degree, and false to another extent. It’s true that our high income bracket allows us freedom, and to do whatever we want. It is true that money is never a worry for us. But, we don’t blow our money or spend it on frivolous things. 

In fact, it’s quite the contrary. 

Most of society likes to paint a picture that if you make tons of money, that you can just go and buy whatever you want all the time. This is very false. Not only are we exotic entertainers, but that also makes us business women. We do think of this career as a business. In fact, on our taxes, we are seen as a “business of one” in the eyes of the government. We pay our taxes, and we do have accountants to keep us on track, and we do plan for our retirement because you can’t be an entertainer forever. 

It became our goal to forage millions of dollars out of working this career for five to ten years maximum.

We knew if we wanted to make millions, and retire wealthy before reaching our 40s, that we had to commit ourselves to a certain window of time. Nobody teaches you that there are so many different ways to become wealthy. Or, that you can find your own ways to become wealthy. Once I did the Mental Click System, everything changed. I was no longer the same woman. I had changed, evolved and prospered into someone who knew how to generate money like crazy from clients. And, this forever boosted my self esteem. 

I felt empowered, strong, authentic, capable, and just powerful. I made money hand over fist, and the feeling was addicting. It was incredible to be able to walk into a club, and just know that I’m going to go home having made a huge profit. No worries. No fears. Just knowing that I will make money no matter what happens every night.
Your relationship to money does not have to be a broken one. All of us can operate in abundance and achieve the finances we want. And you can more than certainly do so as an extoic entertainer that has the proper training, resources and tools. You will succeed because you want to, and because you dedicated your time to learning the right information to help you get there. And that’s really the winning formula.