Why Having the Right System is Your Vital Lifeblood to Success

Why Having the Right System is Your Vital Lifeblood to Success

Jun 16, 2022
I think that it is hard to realize that when you become an entertainer it can sometimes take you by surprise how much money you can make. But also drastically, boldly, affect you when you don't make the kind of money you were hoping to make. This can take a toll on you physically, emotionally and financially. 

I have noticed one thing about being in the entertainment business for almost seven years now. That being, just because you think you will make a lot of money doesn't mean you will. Unfortunately, you don't really get trained by the club, or shown by the other entertainers what to do, or how to do it. It is quite amazing to realize the difference that can exist when you first start your job versus after you’ve been doing it for a while. 

Most of the time, entertainers will come into the club and depend on their looks in order to make their money. This is the most common mindset that entertainers have, because they don’t know that there is an actual system to this. Most of them don't understand there is a much more unique, and easy way to make money from being an entertainer at all. Entertainment Done Right can teach the values you need to have as an entertainer for your prospect to view you as highly valuable which will increase their desire for you. Entertainment Done Right can also help you to fill in the gaps of what you don't know, and help you implement it so that you have the full system and process to generate clients on repeat. So that, when you're doing your job, it’s way easier on you. Rinse and repeat. 

Most excitingly, at the end of the night, you’ll have the money in your hand that you wanted to come to work and make. This makes everything much easier on you mentally and physically. You can also go home feeling really good about yourself because you didn't do anything that you wouldn’t approve of or that you did not want to do, nor enjoy. This way, you go home with a clean conscience and know that you can make serious, consistent money the right way. 

You can be just the type of entertainer that you want to be and nothing can change that because you have the knowledge and information to do it for yourself. And it's so much easier on you to have the right information about everything that you do, and make more money than what you probably ever thought you could make. It makes your job so much easier being an entertainer that can do things the way you choose to do them, and have access to as many customers as you need and desire. Even if the club is not doing that well to bring in prospective clients.